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Subject: Re: Special Character Costume Source; discount Magic Supply source
From: Jonathan Land <>
Date: 01/22/2001 ( builds some of the most attractive, comfortable, and cost-effective full-body fur costumes for family entertainers available anywhere.

Hey, do you have any classic 2-person horse costumes? It involves a search and rescue mission of a set of golf clubs from my neighbor, Troy's ranch. I've been bugging him about getting them for 10 years now! I can't get them back, so it's time to put my Navy Seal experience to some good. Me and and a buddy need the costume so we can graze and frolic and whatnot at Troy's gate. The plan is that he'll take us in, and when he and the Mrs. are asleep, we'll grab the clubs and gallop off into the sunset, although we're considering waiting until complete cover of darkness. I'm slightly nervous though, because Troy is notorious for his quick temper and the ability to beat a horse any day of the week, and it doesn't even have to be a dead one. My buddy was in a rat trap in 'Nam for 6 years, I don't need him having a flashback with his head snuggled up close to my ass in a dark, enclosed space.

Here's the deal - it MUST look real. Troy is a professional horse breeder. Fur will be combed, genitals will be groped, and contrary to popular belief, it will be looked in the mouth. Real fur, real anatomy... REAL REAL REAL.. to fool a professional. Also, we can't spook the other horses, we need to be accepted into their ranks. If we cause a disturbance amongst them, we'd raise suspicion, and we can't have that.

Do you have a costume that fits this bill? If you don't, can you get one? I can pay top dollar, as long as it's moderately priced. One note: The costume might get branded, but that would just add to its authenticity.

Jonathan Land

Two small companies have recently merged to provide clients with faster service, lower prices, and superior design. The deluxe version of two very popular costumes, a blue dog and a red furry monster, are now available for $450, a savings of $140! Many standard popular costumes are available for as low as $375, and a special high quality Easter bunny costume has recently been developed that can be purchased directly from this manufacturer for $349. Comparable costumes typically sell for twice that amount. You will probably want to bookmark the site- this may the the last advertisement that the company sends out, so that they can control the volume of work, and serve a small number of clients well. ( is the web site owned by Marvin Turman, a respected and well-liked magician and clown in the southwest U.S., and he is using the site to liquidate his inventory of magic, clown, and juggling supplies. There are hundreds of items available for $10 or less, most priced at about half of what you would probably pay at most magic stores. Wholesale inquiries are welcome. (

Thank you for you consideration. If you would like to be included in future mailings of different items of special interest to family entertainers once or twice a year, please respond with the word "include" in the subject line. If you are not an entertainer or do not wish to receive mail from us, it is not necessary to respond at all. Have a safe, happy, and prosperous new year!

Mark Calvert

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